Elotes o Esquites

I attended a beautiful wedding of one of my girlfriends on Cinco de Mayo. It was perfectly casual and whimsical and everyone had a wonderful time. I have always loved Cinco de Mayo mostly for the food but also for the celebration of culture. In case you were not aware, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration in remembrence of the Mexican army’s victory over the French on May, 5 1862 at the battle of Puebla. Although significantly outnumbered the Mexican army was able to defeat Napolean III’s army which some say later allowed for the United States to beat the southern confederacy and end the Civil War. History lesson over, lets get down to the buisness of food.

This year we celebrated with Mexican street food. Fish tacos, and esquites. Esquites is a wonderful street food usually served in cups and with a plastic spoon consisting of corn, lime, chile, mayo and queso fresca. It’s so easy to make and amazingly flavorful. You should make it. I will show you how!



5 ears of corn ( I used 5 because the were on sale 5 for $1 which to me is a sweet deal!)

1 heaping tablespoon mayo

cayene pepper

1 lime

Queso Fresca

I don’t own a grill, which is probably unheard of in Texas, but I don’t. Cooking the corn on the grill is one of the best ways to get a lot of flavor out of the corn. I don’t have a grill so I cook them in the oven and they are still every bit as good.

Strip and clean corn and smother in salted butter. Give corn a good sprinkling of cayene pepper, wrap in tin foil and toss in preheated 350 degree oven. Cook for aproximately 30 mins until tender.


Cut kernels off the cob and place in large bowl. Add Mayo, juice of one lime, and 1-3 teaspoons cayene pepper depending on your love of heat. Mix together, sprinkle top with queso fresca and enjoy. The flavors are so vibrant, spicy and creamy. You are gonna love it. Promesa!